Watch ,, a volcano in the middle of a Yemeni city !!

Watch ,, a volcano in the middle of a Yemeni city !!

DAMT bath

The city of Damt is located in the northern side of the provincial capital of Al-Dhali ‘at a distance of (65) km, and it is located to the southern side of the capital, Sana’a, at about (170) km …. and its population is about (80) thousand people. Which stems naturally from the depth of its water basin without the need for a modern pumping machine, which led to the spread of its natural baths of all kinds and different forms all over the city whose area does not exceed (1.5) square kilometers.

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DAMT bath

It was named Damt because of its natural and healthy baths, as the number of natural baths reaches eight:

Al-Assad Bath: which is located in the heart of the city and is distinguished from the rest of the baths, the most important of which is that it has high-end tourist characteristics that meet the demand of tourists coming to the city and the most important services provided by the Al-Assad resort:

Men and women separate roofed bathrooms | Public swimming pool | Distinguished Hotel Services | Natural baths in every suite.

Delfish Bath: It is located on the edge of the liquid surrounding the city.

Hammam al-Hassan: It is located inside the city.

Al Diwan Bath:

Allergy Bath: This is due to the evidence of experiments for its tremendous ability to treat skin diseases.

Upper and lower Burba baths.

Hammam Al-Oudi: newly excavated.

Al-Hartha Al-Kubra: Seven eyes flow from it.

The advantages of natural Damt baths

Damm baths are characterized by a high temperature, in addition to the presence of sulfur mineral mixed with it in a large proportion, in addition to the presence of natural gases penetrating deep into the water basin of Damm, which leads to the extrusion of water naturally.

Dima sulfuric water contains a type of calcium, bicarbonate, chloride, and each liter of water contains (2) g and (900) mg of hot carbon dioxide per meter in addition to mineral and rare materials, as studies have confirmed its health benefit for treating the digestive system, the system Respiratory, urinary tract diseases, joint diseases, blood circulation, nervous system, skin diseases.


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