The defects of the presidential election in the United States .. The people do not elect its president

The defects of the presidential election in the United States .. The people do not elect its president

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The United States is the only country in the world that the president is not elected in a direct popular vote, but a body of 538 people elects the president in a system for the benefit of eggs. The electoral complex, which is the election of the White House and his deputy, the United States is the only country in the world where the president is not elected directly by people, but vote for instead of direct vote by voters in favor of their presidential candidate yen Each state has a number of voters equal to the number of representatives in the US Congress, both US Senators and the US House of Representatives and the Province of Columbia, which is not considered a state, there are three voters, while there are no other regions Each voter of the electoral complex is the right to the president and one voice of the deputy president. In the United States, for the victory of a candidate for the post of President and Vice President must get a majority (at least 270) of the electoral voices of the electoral complex. Since 1964, the complex consists of 538 representatives to the people who are officially choosing the President and Vice President of the United States and distributed over 50 US stations. The persons elected for the elected president in the presidential complex are not legal enrolled to commit the candidate, which has voted by the majority of voters in the state, but they are mostly committed to the cases, and there are 24 states According to the US presidential system, there could be elections where one candidate wins the popular vote while another vote wins, as in 2000 and 2016 elections. In 2016, the US president, Donald Trump, was beaten by US elections, despite its lowest voices of Hillary Clinton with more than one and a half million votes, a detectors for many defects of the US electoral system, which is in total eggs Individual citizens enjoy the lowest population density, which includes 5% of the electoral body, strongly a relatively greater vote from those in the most populous states. The candidates can win through the concentration of their resources on “mandates There are currently 100 senators (each state of shekhan) and 435 representatives in the House of Representatives (distributing the number of deputies according to the population). This gives advantage of the most rural and less rural and lowest in terms of the population, which gives its voices to the Republicans, often at the expense of large rich populations such as California, New York and Alinoi (while Texas is usually elected by Republicans usually) This injustice of the most advanced urban mandates appears to be clear in California, which is the Democrats, as California has 55 members of the electoral compound by 10.22% of its 583 members, while its population represented The exclusion order for African nationals was found when they were slaves and still applied so far. This vote was adopted in 1787, in a framework, then the Conceticic was identified, and this system was preferred to the general election at the Conference The irony that the electoral system has led to the calculation of slaves within the population of each state without having the right to vote, the prospect of the minority in the south states lead to the relative weight of these states in the electoral complex, while their voices are not valuable, The result is that the phenomenon of the candidate’s victory voices and its defeat in the electoral complex are repeated, especially with Democrats. In 2000, former US President George W. Bush (Republican Party) was able to win the US presidential race, although he gets 543,000 losers less than his “Al Gore” (Democratic Party), however In 2016, the situation was more offering, with the final statistics on the US presidential elections, Hilary Clinton’s losing candidate was filed in terms of voters on its Republican rival Donald Trump more than 1.5 million, but lost The result, although black voters represent about 13% of the total voters in 2018, which is more than 30 million black voters, but because of a large proportion of them in the southern states of the Republic, In addition to the defects of the Electoral Council, each mandate has the right to identify the voting system, which in some states are concerned with minorities. The Atlantic and The Public Religion Research Institute has shown that black and Spanish citizens are more likely than eggs to face barriers in the ballot boxes, and fear of future corrosion of their political rights For example, Alabama (a province of southern province is a lawyer in 2011), which requires specific types of personal identification cards, and the mandate closed engine records (DMV) that is used as a means In March 2020, Texas is released by the South in the closure of the vote, making it difficult for African Americans and Latinians with democratic tendencies, voting. Many academic studies and court provisions indicate that the legislation of the election is inadequate, such as voter identification legislation in places like Wisconsin, preferred Republican candidates in 2016. Like most of the other elections in US history, this was not Republican officials in the state recognized that voter ID was probably strong enough to change the presidential election in Wisconsin. In Wisconsin, a study found that the number of Democrats who did not vote because they lack the correct identity card, the number of voters who led their vote to Trump win, and that the biggest declines were in black neighborhoods, a clear indication that suppressed In addition, the current electoral system deprives Washington’s residents to vote in the Congressional elections. Representatives in the House of Representatives are one of the right to consult and have no voting and no representation of the Senate, while in the presidential elections


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