Qat tree and plant ,, a complete and comprehensive search

Qat tree and plant ,, a complete and comprehensive search

المقالة بالعربية

A complete search for the khat tree is very broad and useful
🔬 * The khat tree *: ➖➖➖➖➖
Khat is a tree of unknown birth, and it is one of the plants whose cultivation dates back to ancient times, perhaps before Islam and perhaps before Christ.

🔷 * Where is it located? *
There is in Afghanistan and Turkestan
It is grown in many places of the world as a decorative plant
The khat tree is also found in twenty other countries
They are Yemen, Congo, Eritrea, Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, Southern Rhodesia, Tanzania, Mozambique, the Union of South Africa, Zaire, Palestine and Saudi Arabia. It is also found in Egypt, but it is not known to Egyptian citizens.

It is also likely to be grown in Sudan, on the borders bordering Abyssinia, as well as in Tunisia, Turkey, Libya, Morocco and Algeria.

As for the first Yemeni cities that knew qat cultivation, they are
Yafe ‘Al-Dhali’ .. Atmah, Al-Aden and Jabal Sabr
As for Sana’a, khat was known in the early thirteenth century AD in the Al-Haima region, then it spread to Bani Matar, and in the middle of the same century, it began to spread in Hamadan.

🔶 * What is called khat among the people: *

Latin (scientific) name Catha Eodulis (Forskal)

Arabic name: Qat

In Europe: catha. Khat. Kat. Gat Giat

In Somalia: khat, but the word (chat) is pronounced.
And the name that follows khat in its popularity and use is (Mira) and this name spreads in eastern and southern Africa.

Kenya: Cat, Merangi, Leis, Tamaya, Mirkhi and Maung

Nyasiland: Mtsouari and Medima Madzi.
Uganda: Mostat

And Abyssinia: Tabbaj and wedge
In Italian: Aropistan

And he was called the Latin name, as he says, and Forskal gave the Latin name Cath from the Arabic word
He added the second syllable of the name, edulis, as a sign that khat is eaten fresh on the new *** which he described under (gat) or (kat), he mentioned that khat is grown on the same coffee plantations.

💊 * Effects of khat *

Scientific classification
Kingdom: plants
Division: Magnoliophyta
Grade: Magnoliopsida
Rank: Celastrales
Family: Celastraceae
The ***: Catha
Species: C. edulis
The scientific name
Catha edulis

👈 * The chemical components of khat *
It consists of:

Cathinone: *
It is an alkaline substance, ton 60 – 70% of the catamin compounds found in fresh khat and in fresh, soft papers.
It is the substance responsible for the store’s feeling of satisfaction, strength of focus, and then emotion, and intellectual and physical activity
And the substance cathinone, which turns into cathine in old papers, scientific experiments have shown that there is a similarity between the effect of cathinone and the effect of (amphetamine) and that each of them leaves an impact on the nervous system by increasing the secretion of the substance (dopamine) that emits happiness and pleasure in nerve cells

It was also noted that there was a relationship between the price of khat and the substance cathinone, as it was noted that the most expensive type of khat contains the highest percentage of this substance

It was found that
Omnivorous khat has the highest concentration (324.8).
In the phonemic (232.55)
And in the slaughter (127.4)
And the sei khat contain the lowest concentration (77.7) of cathinone.

This substance disappears with the passage of time after the qat is picked for two to three days, or when it is dried
And it turns over time to cathine

  • – Cathineen: *
    This substance is responsible for the symptoms that occur when consuming khat
    Such as dilating the pupil of the eye
    And increase heart rate
    Or high blood pressure
    Many of the peripheral effects are not recommended hours after chewing khat (after relief). It is the product of the first substance transforming cathinone in the store’s mouth or in his stomach hours after chewing
    It is also found in khat al-Barahi and in the tough, large leaves and roots
  • – Volatile compounds (Etheric oils) *
    It is believed to be responsible for the special mild comfort and mild aromatic taste of khat
  • Vitamins and Minerals *
    He found vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, iron and fiber
    But these substances are found in a small percentage and make them not of the effective nutritional value that deserves to be mentioned
    Also, laboratory studies have not succeeded in proving the presence of vitamin C in Yemeni khat.
  • – Meet Kathinon *
  • – complex of petroleum and triple turbines *
  • – Amino acids and choline *
  • – Vehicles and other materials * 💊 💊 💊 Harms of consuming khat Qat users see that it provides mental and muscular activity
    And they illusion that it has health benefits, while doctors and specialists assert just the opposite.
    The experts * conducted experiments on mice to find out the effect of the chemicals in khat * and found that they * live in a state of loud fun for 24 hours after taking the dose.
    Then followed by a state of lethargy. So they concluded that these chemicals are similar to amphetamines in their work, as they work to stimulate nerve cells, which reduces the feeling of fatigue and stress in the first hours of abuse, and then a feeling of sluggishness, anxiety and depression follows. * 🔹 Khat and the addiction to it cause many physical and mental illnesses. Its effect on the digestive system
    Khat addicts suffer from chronic ulcers in the mouth, gums and tongue.
    Which is one of the causes of bad breath,
    Also, khat addiction leads to loosening of the gums, which results in weak gums and teeth as well. Qat is a major cause of indigestion, loss of appetite and constipation, which leads to hemorrhoids and malnutrition. Perhaps this explains the wasting and poor structure of the majority of users. 🔹 * Its effect on the heart and circulatory system *
    The chemicals in the khat plant lead to an increase in the heart rate and narrowing of the blood vessels, which raises blood pressure in hypertensive patients and makes it difficult for blood pressure treatments to reduce pressure.
    In addition, these substances make a healthy person more likely to have blood pressure.
  • Its effect on the urinary and reproductive system *
    Khat is a major cause of difficulty urinating and involuntary seminal secretions after urinating and during chewing, due to the effect of khat on the prostate and the seminal vesicle, and the congestion and contraction it causes, which helps in the enlargement of the prostate.
  • Its nervous and psychological impact *
    Qat abusers are characterized by severe irritability and nervousness after the expiration of the period of false activity. Also, khat users tend to be mentally lazy after hours of consuming. Then a feeling of anxiety, accompanied by depression and interrupted sleep, soon begins. · 🔹 * Khat and cancer *
    Doctors have noted a link between the increase in oral and jaw cancers and the addiction to khat, especially in recent years, as there have been widespread use of chemicals that are not universally allowed, sprayed on it during cultivation.
    In addition to the process of scratching the mouth during the storage process, which leads to changes in the lining of the mouth, which helps in the occurrence of cancer. · 🔹 * Khat and diabetes *
    It has been scientifically proven that khat addiction leads to an increase in the level of sugar in the blood, which makes its abusers more vulnerable to diabetes, and a diabetic does not benefit much from insulin treatment if he is a khat user. This is a comprehensive research on khat

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