Protests against Prophet Cartoon outside UK School Continue

Protests against Prophet Cartoon outside UK School Continue

Dozens of Muslim protesters have been protesting for the second day outside a school in the north of England where a teacher has been suspended for showing pupils a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad during a religious education lesson.

The teacher was suspended on Thursday, 25 March by the head teacher at Batley Grammar School who has offered a fulsome apology.

Muslims in the Western countries find themselves obliged to hold protests against such religious violations as the local authorities do not take decisive measures against the culprits.

The lenient measures taken by the Western government in addressing violations, by Charlie Hebdo, have driven the Muslim communities to defend their religious beliefs and sanctities. However, Muslims reject carrying out terrorist attacks in response to such violations.

The major irony lies in the fact that the Western intelligence agencies have founded, funded and supported the terrorist groups that carry out attacks worldwide in the name of Islam to defame the Islamic values.

Thus, most of the Western governments show leniency in face of anti-Islam violations and support the militant groups which respond to such violations in a way that distorts Islam.

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