Optical illusions ( Test your vision and balance )

Optical illusions ( Test your vision and balance )

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Optical Tricks

Or an optical illusion that depicts the viewer always the visual image unlike its reality, at least in the general sense, where the vision is deceptive or misleading. The information that the naked eye collects, after treating the brain-mediated inflammation, gives a result that does not match the source or the visual component. The traditional tricks are based on the assumption that there are physiological illusions that occur naturally and cognitively in addition to delusions that can be demonstrated through special visual tricks. And here it is worth noting that there is something more fundamental about how human visualization systems work. Optical illusions are images that are made in a thoughtful way to show the viewer a certain way, which they are not.

It is of several types, including:

Color tricks

When seeing a certain position, we see one or more colors, but this is not always the case. This indicates that the human eye sees colors in a variable way according to the surroundings.

It is known that magicians use optical illusion (deception related to color) to deceive people by claiming to change things, as changing colors may suggest to the beholder that the changed color has changed appearance.

When looking towards the black point with the head moving forward and backward, the two circles appear to be moving.

Note that black spots appear and disappear on the white circles.

It seems that the inner model changes color as well, but this is not the case because it has one color.

The squares (letters) A and B are not different colors and are in fact the same color.

All of the horizontal lines are parallel, although they do not seem to be


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