How much did Biden and Trump spend on their campaign ???

How much did Biden and Trump spend on their campaign ???

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As the US presidential race intensifies two weeks before the polls, data showed that Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s campaign is financially outperforming President Donald Trump’s campaign, so what amounts did each of the candidates spend on their campaign?

Disclosures submitted to the Federal Election Commission on Tuesday (October 20, 2020) showed that the campaign of Democratic US presidential candidate Joe Biden entered the final stage of the race with a major financial advantage over President Donald Trump. The former vice president’s campaign raised and spent more money than the Trump campaign in September, and Biden’s political ads became more prevalent on American television.

Biden Leads Over Trump – Can Opinion Polls Be Trusted?

Biden’s superiority in the financial race does not guarantee victory. Trump won the 2016 election even though Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton outpaced him in spending.

At the end of September, the Biden campaign had about $ 177 million, nearly three times the Trump campaign’s $ 63 million. The Biden campaign raised $ 281 million during the month, more than three times what the Trump campaign raised.

The Trump campaign has spent more than twice as much. The Trump campaign spent less than $ 56 million on television and radio ads in September, compared with the nearly $ 148 million Biden campaign spent.
Biden’s campaign said it has $ 432 million with the Democratic Party. Meanwhile, the Trump campaign said Trump and the Republican Party only have $ 251 million.

Biden and Trump exchange criticism for dealing with Corona

Trump interrupts a TV interview
In a related context, US President Donald Trump threatened Tuesday to publish a lengthy television interview before its broadcast, in what he said was an attempt to expose the “bias” of the interlocutor. Trump’s comment, written on his Twitter account, explains that the interview with journalist Leslie Stahl, from CBS’s 60 Minutes, has diverged into an area that angered the president.

CBS wrote on Twitter that Trump had cut short the interview with Stahl, but gave no further details. Trump said in a tweet: “I am pleased to inform you that for the sake of accuracy in transmitting the information, I am considering publishing my interview with Leslie Stahl for the 60 Minutes program, before its live broadcast,” and added: “This will be done so that everyone can get a glimpse of what is going on.” About him the fake and biased interview. ” In a separate tweet, Trump described the interview as a “horrific election interference”.

How Obama supports Biden?

Returning to the election campaign, former US President Barack Obama will visit today, Wednesday (October 21, 2020) Pennsylvania, which is considered one of the critical states in the presidential elections, to hold the first gathering in support of the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, who kept out of the limelight two weeks before the polls. Donald Trump continues his tours of the American states.
All eyes are on the support that Barack Obama will provide in Philadelphia, although it is not clear many details about it. The only certainty is that it will take the form of “drive in”, that is, passing a car in front of his supporters in their cars.

The final debate between the two candidates will take place on Thursday in Nashville, Tennessee, and the atmosphere appears tense from now after the first debate, which was filled with chaos and exchange of accusations.

Around 30 million Americans nationwide cast their ballots by mail or in person, which could represent a fifth of public participation, according to the independent organization, Election.


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