Have you lost brother or a friend and want to see him ??! Watching here !

Have you lost brother or a friend and want to see him ??! Watching here !

Did you forget someone?! You will remember here !!

Listen to this music and you will see everyone lost !!

The effect of sad music makes you a spiritual interdependence ،،،

Have you found yourself in the case of sadness, tend to hear songs and sad music? Do you accept yourself and ask yourself an advantage: “What do I do?” But though you give up to hear sad songs, find yourself, feel a lot of improvement in your psychological state that was very bad before listening! Have you ever thought about interpreting this? In the following lines we explain to you. Sad music .. Soothing or supporting bad condition? The music has a significant impact in our mood; We may feel sad and desire to cry as a sad musical hearing, and we will feel joy and joy if the tunes we hear happy and fast, but what if you suffer from depression? Or are you a reality under the influence of sadness and frustration?

Embed from Getty Images According to a study published a few years ago, people who have been diagnosed with depression, tend to listen to sad music, and take a look at the sad images as well. The study interpreted this, that depressed persons are conducting acting in “potentially” ways to maintain their bad mood.

But on the other side, another study published in the magazine «Emotion» indicated that depressed persons were not seeking their negative feelings; But they find sad music, and satisfy. This latter research included 38 people who were diagnosed with depression, and 38 women suffering from depression, but under control. The participants listened to sad excerpts of 30 seconds, happy and neutral music. The researchers found that depressed participants were more likely to prefer sad music clips and choose. The researchers asked why those choices, most of those suffering from depression, said they chose sad music; Because they were comfortable or soothing, some participants said the sad music was a friend of supporting them, and what researchers reached that this preference was due to the desire to calm the emotional experience and negative feelings, and no desire to increase 4 reasons why we tend to hear sad music when we feel sad not the only male study that has reached the result that depressed prefer to listen to sad music, many studies have found that many people choose to listen to sad music when Embed from Getty Images The study published in 2014, we choose sad music for one of four reasons: 1. Help us better recognize our feelings, many listeners have found this music, they express them 2. Try to get a private or positive message; Some people may find that there is a distinctive sentence for them, or a positive message in the sad song words, may help them assess a better recognition of their own experience, or get hoped to skip and override. 3. Use this type of music is a means of disability; The more beautiful music, it was easy for listeners to focus on.

Excitement certain memories; The lyrics of a song or a musical is associated with events in the past or the people of two, making listening to this track, try to restore those memories. Why do we feel better our psychological situation after hearing sad music? The Self World Adrian North, from the University of Curtin in Australia, believes there are two sets of potential interpretations to enjoy sad music, and improve our psychological and mistake after listening. One of these reasons comes from social psychology, and the other of cognitive nerves. Embed from Getty Images The reason for social psychology, is that we are improved in front of ourselves if we focus on a person who is worse, or feel worse than we feel, a known process on behalf of “social comparison Other hypothesis lists social psychology, says that people love to listen to music that reflect the tone of their current lives; They feel communicating and understanding that this music bears them. The reason for narrative nerves, focus on current chemical processes is already within our minds. Some scholars believe that sad music is linked to the pyramids of “prolactin”, a chemical that helps to curb sadness, and thanks to brain tests, we know that listening to music is also called “Dopamine”, a nervous carrier associated with .

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