Foreign newspapers: Yemen beat the Corona epidemic

Foreign newspapers: Yemen beat the Corona epidemic

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In talking about seconds and third-second waves from Corona in the world, Yemen is the first country to overcome the Corona virus, while it is noted that it is the first country in the world with the so-called “herd immunity”, after months of triumph’s policy followed by international organizations The British magazine noted that the international community, six months ago, was afraid of a major disaster in Yemen with the beginning of cases of infection, and health organizations expected to have 90 percent in Yemen in Yemen However, by late summer, most of the residents of the capital Sanaa began that Corona disappeared from their densely population. In turn, the Times newspaper said that and in one of the most puzzling events and a corona pandemic that this disease has disappeared significantly from Yemen and at the same speed. According to the British newspaper Guardian, Yemen, “has come out relatively safe from the epidemic,” where doctors were quoted as saying that the virus was no longer a concern. The research conducted by the London Health and Tropical Medicine College indicates that the number of deaths arrived in Yemen to 2100 by the end of September, and that most of these deaths occurred early in the sentence of pandemic. Some experts believe that the Yemeni people have become an “herd immunity”, to become the world’s first country to get this type of immunity against Corona virus, according to the British Times, while the World Health Organization is currently planning to withdraw from 2000 Yemen to verify the presence of objects According to some doctors, the absence of obese disease and the percentage of young people among the Yemeni people, along with the high moral spirit, helped not spread the disease to that scary image. It should be noted that the countries of aggression and after the epidemic was deployed by open airports and landlines in areas under its control at the height of the global closure, preventing the arrival of medicines and medical supplies necessary to combat this epidemic under silence and disability


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