Equity Monday: Paytm’s rocky debut gets rockier

Equity Monday: Paytm’s rocky debut gets rockier

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Happy Monday everyone, and welcome to a holiday week here in the United States. Yes, we here in the good ol’ States will be off the second half of this week. TechCrunch won’t grind to a halt, but we will certainly slow down a little bit. But, that doesn’t mean that we didn’t have a lot to talk about this morning:

Shares of Indian fintech giant Paytm fell further today, after a very disappointing first-days trading last Thursday. The company now has lot of ground to make up just to get back to zero.
Facebook is delaying the rollout of E2E encryption until 2023, which has us a bit bummed.
Also in big tech news, ByteDance is calling it quits on edtech in India.
Turning the page to startups, we chatted through three news items this morning: Jina.ai raised $30 million, Deliverr raised $250 million, and Lydia added equity and crypto trading to its French financial superapp.
And we closed on the just what the point of a DAO is.

Woo! We are back Wednesday morning. Chat soon!

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