‘Detached from reality’: NYT reporter roasted for complaining that Trump is trying to ‘STICK IT TO’ press by holding 7:30am call

‘Detached from reality’: NYT reporter roasted for complaining that Trump is trying to ‘STICK IT TO’ press by holding 7:30am call

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New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman’s outrage at President Donald Trump for holding a 7:30am press call on Christmas Eve evoked disgust, rather than sympathy, as observers pointed out her tone-deafness amid hard times.

“A way to stick it to the White House press corps he hates is a 7:30am call time on Christmas Eve for a currently empty public schedule,” Haberman said Wednesday night on Twitter. Trump held the call on Thursday at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, then played golf.

Haberman’s conspiratorial complaint triggered an avalanche of backlash on social media, where commenters pointed out that working early every day is a common requirement in the real world. Others noted that someone who has retained a cushy, high-paying job while others are financially devastated by the Covid-19 pandemic should be grateful, rather than grumble.

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“So sad you have to wake up and get paid to do non-physical labor so ‘early’ in the morning,” one observer tweeted. “You’re really detached from the reality that’s happening right now.”

Another added: “It’s not asking much to drag your butt out of bed and do a couple hours of work for which you’re well paid. Think of the millions who have lost jobs, businesses and homes during the pandemic. Buck up, sweetie.”

Other commenters, such as Seattle radio host Jason Rantz, mocked Haberman with sarcasm, suggesting that being forced to cover a press call at 7:30am might not be terribly onerous.

“It’s 5:30am where I am, Maggs,” radio host Todd Herman said. “I have been up since 4am doing show prep. So sorry ‘reporters’ might have to be out of bed by 6:55am. I am honored by doing what I get to do. Maybe they should try a little gratitude.”

Other commenters suggested that the president may have scheduling motives other than trying to punish the White House press. “Not everything he does revolves around making your life hell, but the same cannot be said for everything the media does to him,” a Trump supporter said.

Even some Trump critics showed little sympathy for the press corps, with some arguing that the president’s alleged wrongdoing deserved more attention, while others suggested that reporters are enabling his abusive behavior by showing up for his media events.

But Haberman found sympathy from some kindred spirits. Daily Beast editor Molly Jong-Fast quipped that Trump’s schedule is full of “many meetings and calls – and golf.” Another supporter said, “That seems like an act of war on Christmas.” Another follower tried to bat down suggestions that people in the real world have tougher workloads, saying, “No business owner would cause employees, vendors or stakeholders to show up when he or she knows there’s nothing to do.”

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