What do you know about the bridge which is the greatest of the Great Wall of China?Shaharah bridge great

What do you know about the bridge which is the greatest of the Great Wall of China?Shaharah bridge great

جسر شهارة العظيم ( جسر يربط الماضي بالحاضر )ا

The “Shahara Bridge” was built on a steep gully to connect two steep mountains, the “Shahara Al-Fish” mountain and the “Shahhara Al-Amir” mountain, which is 20 meters long and 3 meters wide.

The bridge is located on a deep gully, with a depth of more than / 500 / meters, and the road between the two mountains used to drain a lot of time, so the people resorted to descending to the bottom of the groove separating the two mountains and then climbing to the next mountain, and the bridge came to extend life and coexistence between the people of the two mountains With ease and ease.

The “Shahara” bridge carries a lot of meanings. If we looked into it, many of our perceptions about the peaceful coexistence of human beings would change.

The city of Shahara is located in the north of Amran Governorate in the Republic of Yemen, about (20 km) away from it, and it is geographically famous that includes a mountain range called the Al-Ahnum mountain range in relation to the Ahnum tribes that inhabited it.

This chain includes the “Shahara Al-Fish” mountain and the “Shahara Al-Amir” mountain, and this mountain rises about (2000 meters) above sea level. It also includes the western and eastern mountain of Siran, Mount Dharri, and the Al-Madan mountain.

And the Al-Qaflah and Aishan mountains, then the mountains of Zhalima and Bani Sut, which is to the south of the chain, then the mountains of Al-Jumaymah and Bani Jadela. Shahara administratively divided into two directorates (Shahara District and Al Madan District).

The famous Shahara Bridge:
The Yemeni city of Shahara is famous for its impressive and majestic bridge, which is considered a prominent landmark in Yemen. The bridge was built at the beginning of the seventeenth century and is a path that defies gravity.

It was built on a sloping hill to connect two mountains to embrace its ancient buildings with clouds overlooking a number of valleys and green bottoms, and the bridge image surrounded you everywhere, whether in paper or metal ten-riyal currency or in postage stamps, greeting cards, greeting cards and tourist posters,

The bridge is sometimes known as “Aqd Shahara” and other times as “Shahara Bridge”, which is distinguished by its splendid engineering and the miracle of its architecture, and it connects its mountain range known as the Al-Ahnum Mountains.

The Shahara Bridge, which was built 400 years ago in the Shahara Mountains, continues to attract tourists who love to see picturesque landscapes and cross over the bridge, which is considered a Yemeni architectural achievement, and the Medina Suspension Bridge will one day turn the city into an important tourist destination for tourists from different countries of the world despite its ruggedness. Roads to the city.

Martin Amacher of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Yemen said, “In the first place, seeing this bridge, this place, and these mountains has a very overwhelming influence. I am from Switzerland and we also have high mountains, but if I saw this place here, it does not compare with anything else I have seen in my life.” Sincerely. “

“I’ve been in Yemen for three years, but this is really one of the places that I consider to be the most influential of all the places I’ve seen in Yemen,” said Elise Foss Lingenck, an education expert who lives and works in Sanaa.

And I mean the climb here is really worth it even without the bridge, I think it is a very moving place and it is very worth visiting because of the road that winds up endlessly and is very steep in the village and one can see the way people in the village live in this high area. Then you can see the bridge. But the bridge actually makes me feel more fascinated than anything else.

Bridge builder:
It has been mentioned in many narrations that the one who built and designed his artistic, engineering and architectural composition was Al-Osta (Saleh) whom people knew by this name. It has been said in some accounts that Usta Saleh became obsessed and insane after he finished building the bridge, as his mind did not understand that he had accomplished almost It is impossible to build the bridge and he did not believe that he who accomplished this miracle construction in this way without using any of the modern means that are used in our time, and people circulate there are many stories and stories about the bridge and its fame.

The sources also indicate that the construction of the Shahara Bridge took three years and that the cost of building it amounted to 100 thousand riyals of gold (French riyal), the currency in circulation at the time,

It is a very large sum at the time .. The bridge is the most famous hanging land canal, a wonderful architectural masterpiece, and an exceptional engineering work that is distinguished by a unique architectural character at the level of the Arabian Peninsula, and is characterized by the accuracy of construction and composition appropriate to the nature of the mountainous region in which it was built,

Especially since the separation crack is very large, reaching about 20 meters, and the abyssal gap below it is about 200 meters. The construction in its geometric form is a rare miracle indeed, and this bridge was built with costs and simple local and non-imported things, not cement materials or others.

According to historical sources, the bridge was built mainly to shorten the road by connecting the two mountains and save a lot of effort and time for the residents on both sides who were forced to go down to the valley that separates the two mountains and then go up to the other mountain and they were unable to move a lot of things, so the construction of this bridge came to connect Between the population distributed on the banks of the two mountains and unites the city with its two parts.

Magic plants:
Next to the Shahara Bridge there are magical plants that are rarely found elsewhere .. Among these magical plants is a plant that resembles a clover with its leaves and white flowers that give off its aroma,

This plant is called “cat’s sugar.” As soon as the cats see this fragrant plant, it departs from its nature and turns – by the magic that this magic plant spews – into a plant animal .. Then it sees that plant devoured a wondrous skin that does not soon wobble after it left and right .. and no She wakes up from this drunkenness, except after she bangs her head on every wall that comes across.

And some of these cats cannot walk from excessive eating this plant, and if you took some of the leaves and flowers of this plant and hid it in your pocket, you would find yourself surrounded by dozens of cats as if they are about to devour you, and you will not let go until you give them that magic plant in your pocket.

Tourist popularity:
In addition, the city of Shahara is distinguished by its tourist attractions that are no less important and attractive, including the city wall with defensive forts and seven main gates that open in the morning and close in the evening.

So that no one can enter or leave the city, a tradition that dates back to the fourteenth century AD, in addition to that there are a number of mosques and historical castles that contain thousands of ancient manuscripts.

The statistics indicate an increase in the number of tourists who come to Shahra annually, and accordingly, a number of ancient buildings, with their distinctive architectural character, have been converted into rest houses and hotels.

It hosts tourists and offers them delicious popular meals according to the principles of traditional hospitality and also provides them with the opportunity to learn about social customs and traditions by organizing visits to some families, attending quotes and qat abuse sessions, and mixing with people in an intimate cultural dialogue, as well as many shops and stores that provide requirements to the bridge. Visitors are curios, folk ornaments and other collectibles.

جسر شهارة العظيم ( جسر يربط الماضي بالحاضر )ا

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مع مجموعة صور من أعظم أيات الجمال ، ومن أبهى صور العظمة ، ومن أجمل ما بني على وجه الأرض ، ومن أقوى الشواهد على أصالة العقل اليمني .

بني عام 1905م ، بناة الاسطى صالح المعروف بحنكتة وفنة في مجال البناء .

كان ذلك في عهد الامام يحيى حميد الدين وإستمر بناءة 3 سنوات تقريباً ، شهد بناءة مرحلة النضال اليمني ضد الاحتلال التركي ، الذي لم تطاء قدمة أرض شهارة ومثلها لم يستقر على الارض اليمنية .

شهارة المعروفة بارتفاع جبالها الشاهقة التي لاطريق لها الا من ابواب صعوبة المنال للغزاة والمحتلين على مر التاريخ .

باب النحر باب من ابواب شهارة المعروف بمقتلة عظيمة للاتراك وكانت اخر واقعة لهم ومحاولة لاحتلال شهارة .

شهارة كانت عاصمة لعدة دول ما قبل وبعد الاسلام ومنطلقا للثوار ضد اي احتلال .

كانت منطلقا لاسعد الكامل المعروف بعظمة دولتة واتساعها حتى اطراف الجزيرة العربية .

إنة فعلا أعجوبة الزمان .

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